Welcome to the Archaeology Training Forum website, where you can find out about the Forum and its work, get details of our Award, and get links to other relevant resources.

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The Forum exists to:

  •  keep current training provision by member bodies and others under review
  • seek to ensure that funding for training from whatever source is distributed according to need within a framework of priorities
  • work towards the alignment of existing and proposed training sessions and units, sponsored or run by bodies represented, into a series of related programmes accessible to all members of the profession and to interested amateurs
  • work towards agreement on the validation of training units and their integration within a widely accepted professional career structure

The Forum is concerned to promote solutions to current training issues in the profession and to stimulate action to ensure that future needs are met. To do so it will work with academic and professional partners to promote a range of training to meet the needs to everyone with an interest, and co-ordinate strategies to fill any perceived gaps.

We hope you find what you’re looking for in these pages, and would welcome comments through our Contact page, via email or using the blog.

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